Swedish Summer School in Computer Science – S3CS 2020


S3CS History

  • S3CS 2019
    Madhu Sudan: Information Theory in Computer Science
    Luca Trevisan: Spectral Graph Theory
  • S3CS 2018
    Ronald de Wolf: Quantum Computing
    Oded Regev: Lattices and Cryptography
  • S3CS 2017
    Benjamin Rossman: Boolean Circuit Complexity
    Ryan Williams: Algorithms and Lower Bounds
  • S3CS 2016
    Michael Mitzenmacher: Hashing Algorithms
    Sergei Vassilvitskii: Algorithms for Modern Parallel Systems
  • S3CS 2015
    Venkatesan Guruswami: Advances in Error-correction: List Decoding and Polar Coding
    Sergey Yekhanin: Codes with Local Decoding Procedures
  • S3CS 2014
    Boaz Barak: Sums of Squares
    Ryan O'Donnell: Analysis of Boolean Functions


S3CS 2019

(Credit: Jonah Brown-Cohen's phone)

S3CS 2018

(Credit: Ilario Bonacina)

S3CS 2017

(Credit: Ilario Bonacina)

S3CS 2015

(Credit: Venkatesan Guruswami)

S3CS 2014

(Credit: Talya Abram)

Last modified: November 29, 2019