Swedish Summer School in Computer Science – S3CS 2015



The application deadline for S3CS 2015 has passed.

Notification of acceptance to the summer school will be announced by Friday April 3.

The summer school is primarily intended for PhD students, but postdocs and bright masters students are also warmly welcome (and also faculty, subject to availability of slots).

Registration fee

In order to give as many students and postdocs as possible the opportunity to attend the summer school, this year we will try out a system of need-based registration fees as described below. Decisions about individual admissions will not depend on the fee applied for and we expect to be able to support a significant fraction of students on the reduced fee. Please do not hesitate to contact us at s3cs-2015@csc.kth.se if you have any questions or if anything is unclear.

Reduced fee, 3000 SEK (around 320 Euro or 375 USD)

This is the intended registration fee for students and postdocs who would otherwise find it hard to attend the school for funding reasons. To apply for the supported fee, please enclose a letter from your supervisor elaborating on the financial situation.

Standard fee, 6000 SEK (around 640 Euro or 750 USD)

For students and postdocs with supervisors who are operating within less tight funding constraints, we ask for a slighly larger contribution in order to be able to offer more people the opportunity to attend.

Full fee, 9000 SEK (around 950 Euro or 1130 USD)

Finally, for faculty interested in attending we charge the full cost of the summer school. The number of faculty slots is limited, however, as students and postdoc participants have higher priority.

The fee includes full accommodation and all meals. Accommodation is in double rooms except for full fee particpants.

Details about payment will be provided after notification of acceptance to the summer school.

Last modified: December 15, 2015